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Atlas Foundation For Autism is driven to support the community at large. The agency is eager to share resources that all families may benefit from both near and far. The directors will gladly coordinate with other organizations for generalization of skills and team building, for opportunities that may best support the needs of the family, and for knowledge sharing. Atlas prides itself on collaborating with Medicaid and waiver programs, health insurance companies, schools, and home teams as well as other therapists. Whether as participants or supervising coordinators, the Atlas team is available on a regular basis to ensure quality and consistency are maintained and prioritized. Communication with families via in person meetings, skype, phone, email and text is constant and vital to the culture of respect and speedy progress Atlas generates. Services in parent coaching (caregivers including family members, therapists, and babysitters as well) are available along with coordination and advocacy at meetings including IEPs, school conferences and higher education interviews/reviews.

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    Our Creative Movement Classes focus on confidence, self determination and team development through movement, sport, and recreation.

  • Unique Traits of Individuals with Autism

    Autism Speaks Staffer interviewed Amanda Leeder to discuss her work as a doctoral candidate in Fordham University's Applied Developmental Psychology program. She has employed behavioral, developmental and literacy-based...

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