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Autism Infographics

Autism Infographic

Autism is characterized in many different ways and every individual presents differently.

  • Autism "Profiles"
  • are not permanent; growth and development occur even through adulthood!

  • Autism Does Not
  • affect a person's ability to feel emotions but rather the way in which it may be expressed.

  • Community Awareness & Acceptance
  • is key to bridging relationships with individuals and their families living with Autism and any other developmental differences.

  • Stimming (Repetitive Movements & Vocalizations)
  • are important coping mechanisms and should not be taken away or considered taboo - if anything help shape the stims to fit the environment or give time before stressful or intense situations to give someone some reprieve! Believe it or not, you likely are a stimmer too!

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    Our Creative Movement Classes focus on confidence, self determination and team development through movement, sport, and recreation.

  • Answers: Beliefs About ABA

    Ansers: Beliefs about ABA (Lets discuss the pros, cons and controversial ins and outs of ABA and Autism! "How we define behavior, Autism, and appropriateness is a tricky slope to navigate and one bombarded by subjectivity and emotion.."

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