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Clinical Services
Pause Play
Speech Therapy
Speech Therapy
Occupational Therapy
Occupational Therapy
Group Therapies
Individual or Group Therapies
EVEnt Sessions
EVEnt Sessions

Clinical Services at Atlas

AFA strives to have each child meet their unique potential as effective communicators and expert navigators of our world. An individualized (and multi-disciplinary) therapeutic program will be developed for each student to ensure success. We truly believe that there is not one approach that is "best", but the possibility for our students to achieve their "best" with an understanding of all approaches—giving us the option to "tailor" each student's therapeutic experience.

A hybrid assessment, including formal diagnostic testing as well as informal observations and parent/caregiver input will inform goal development as well as strengths and (relative) weaknesses which will, in turn, determine the appropriate therapeutic program necessary for each student. Clinical Documentation (including session notes) will be relevant and available at the parent's request. True communication between all treating therapists as well as other team members, will be fostered to ensure consistency, which naturally paves the way for progress.

Atlas Clinical Services
Speech Therapy


    (To help each child become a GREAT communicator!) for:

  • Speech Sound Disorders (Childhood Apraxia of Speech, Articulation/Phonological Disorders)
  • Oral Motor Skills/Feeding Difficulties
  • Receptive/Expressive Language Disorders
  • Pragmatic/Socialization Difficulties
  • Auditory Processing Difficulties
  • Phonemic Awareness/Pre-literacy Support

Occupational Therapy


    (To help each child appropriately process sensory information and navigate academic/environmental challenges) for:

  • Activities of daily living
  • Fine Motor Skills
  • Gross Motor Coordination
  • Core Body Strengthening
  • Visual/Perceptual Skills
  • Handwriting Skills
  • Proprioceptive Awareness

Fabulous sensory equipment generously donated by SouthPaw®

Handle Insitute


    HANDLE is an approach that is simple and non-invasive which is designed to enhance neurological systems that are causing learning or life difficulties

    Atlas director Amanda Friedman is Level 2 trained and available to incorporate elements of the program into students group time or for more intensive 1:1 sessions.



    is a sound training therapy providing pre-programmed selected and processed music to stimulate the Auditory Processing System. This stimulation enables a precise integration of acoustic information and allows the brain to better receive, select and process this information. SOLISTEN® is created by the owner of the Tomatis® Method which combines over 50 years of experience with the latest research in neuroscience and cognitive science. The Tomatis® sound training therapy has helped millions of people worldwide.

    Solisten Program: The program consists of using the Tomatis-patented technology of the headset and the portable ELMA device (looks a little like an iTouch) for a total of 60 hours of listening. The 60 hours are broken up into 15 day "loops". Each 'loop' is a 15 day period of 2 hours of listening. Essentially, you would be listening to the ELMA device for 2 hours each day for 15 days, take a month-long break to give the brain time to reorganize and grow new connections, followed by 2 hours of listening each day for 15 days. Check out this great video for the low-down on how Tomatis and Solisten work: Listening therapy with the Tomatis Method. The 'loops' can either be done here at the center, or you can take the machine home and do the listening there, checking in with us via email and phone throughout as well as meeting in person a few times to get things set up initially and do a debriefing of sorts afterwards.

    Atlas prides itself on setting up regular dialogues and creating an atmosphere of support and full understanding of what is going on throughout the "loop" and after. Communication is key in all aspects of the program. Reports and meetings are included in the program.

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