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What We Do
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Atlas Foundation for Autism
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What We Do:

Whenever people ask, "What do you do at Atlas?" We always smile and take pause before carefully crafting an answer that could succinctly, yet properly describe what is that we DO here. The programs we offer, ages we serve and communities we build are so wide-reaching and touch so many disparate areas it seems nearly impossible to summarize it all. Yet, there is clear unity in one emphatic point: We give VOICE. We enable students of all ages (3-21 years and beyond!) and all abilities (diagnosed with ASD, LD or other developmental differences and neuro-typical) to find their own happiness, explore learning with love and passion and to express themselves howsoever they choose. We also create a community space where parents, professionals and like-minded dreamers can gather and collaborate. Simply put, we are Atlas. We provide educational programming (both part and full time), social groups, speech and language therapy, occupational therapy, feeding and mealtime success sessions, Solisten® (Tomatis® sound therapy), HANDLE®, workshops, professional development, parent training, music and art sessions, yoga and recreation groups, and much much more for children, young adults, adults, and parents too! Come on in and see it for yourself. Join our Atlas family! Embark on the journey...

Atlas' services are open to the general public and we welcome all those who are interested regardless of a diagnosis, neurotypical or otherwise! Atlas services are privately paid and are not restricted to any particular funding source. Feel free to contact us with any questions.

EVEnt Session


EVEnt is a forum for students to engage in meaningful conversation and to find their own unique voice no matter their verbal ability. Using targeted paper choices, students guide and create their own ideas in meaningful, reciprocal communicantion sessions. The format and structure of EVEnt enables students to overcome obstacles to more traditional forms of 'talking'. Sensory processing, motor planning and attentional difficulties are accounted for, supported and worked with in all EVEnt sessions so that the content of conversation can be properly focused on and explored.


We are an education center

for children with Autism and other developmental and emotional differences. Director Amanda Friedman believes that every child can learn and reach for the stars!!

We offer support and advocacy

Advocatesto students, their families, and the NYC special needs community at large. We offer professional development workshops, coaching services, as well as direct educational and social-emotional supports to children and young adults dealing with sensory, behavioral, and cognitive challenges.

We use a unique methodological approach

Methodological approachwhich is to TRULY individualize programming for students on a regular basis addressing their needs through modified TEACCH, ABA, and DIR/Floortime programs.

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  • Unique Traits of Individuals with Autism

    Autism Speaks Staffer interviewed Amanda Leeder to discuss her work as a doctoral candidate in Fordham University's Applied Developmental Psychology program. She has employed behavioral, developmental and literacy-based...

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