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From the Directors Desk...

Amanda Friedman"There is no greater feeling than that of being understood" Dr. Stanley Greenspan This quote has long been a touch point for me in both my personal and professional life. How we empathize and connect with others tends to give us a greater understanding of ourselves. The pursuit of greatness in a community comes from a realistic ability to self reflect, listen to others, and progress with a combined effort and knowledge base. As Director of Student Affairs it is my intention to fully support students and families in their venture towards camaraderie, friendship, growth and satisfaction in the quality of their lives and learning environments. It is with honor that I ask for your trust and partnership in making great strides at Atlas in creating a revolutionary pairing of students & families with educators & therapists to break the barriers that have long stigmatized what learning looks like for the Autistic community. It is time to custom tailor and create around all areas of personality, splinter skills, and passion it is time to truly individualize the school experience and make a difference that lasts a lifetime! I look forward to bring your home base and helping in any way possible!

Alison BerkleyWelcome, welcome Dear Reader! We are excited you are joining Atlas on the first newsletter venture and hope that you continue along with us staying tuned to all the latest developments in the community! Here at Atlas we do lots of different things, cover lots of ground and have new things in the works all the time. This newsletter will act as a continuous update on all things Atlas as well as a vortex of relevant and interesting information for you and the community at large. We welcome you and are thrilled to help you get to know all of us a little better. We hope that you grant us a similar opportunity to get to know YOU and stop in sometime for a cup of coffee or tea, a tour and a chat. Maybe even pop in to one of our Open Play Community Days to see things in action! Open Plays are free of charge, held from 10am-12pm every other Saturday and the next one is coming up on December 6th! For now, I'll introduce myself simply: I'm Alison J As Director of Development I am involved in every aspect of Atlas including directly working with students and families, creating connections among the community and professionals, intellectual property development and implementation, research and staff training. The most important thing I do is listen to the beautiful voices around me. I help them express whomsoever they choose to be and amplify those voices for ALL to hear. ATLAS is here, at last. Embark on the journey...

Nicole Kolenda"It is our trials that cut our facets and our triumphs that polish them. Without both we could not shine as bright" -Margaret Mullarkey Mayer, Yoga Teacher As the Executive Clinical Director, it has been amazing offering clinical services as part of the experience at our center. The first target we always have as therapists is to establish rapport with our students so we can set up an environment of trust. This trust is imperative because for a student to participate fully in the therapeutic process, and work on target goals that are challenging for them, they must feel safe. This quote resonates in my heart because a typical speech and language session will have many, many trials (literally and figuratively) and hopefully, many triumphs! Now, sometimes these triumphs do not reveal themselves right away (which can be frustrating) but when they do, they can sure be bright ;-) As parents and educators, we must be open to this process. This quote also has bigger implications--for all of us. When you think about sending your child to Atlas--be it for our soon-to-be school program, our after school program or our clinical services, just remember that we understand how hard both you and your child have worked, and we will work to gain your trust because the expectation on our end is just always to get your child to shine.


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    When schools are closed, Atlas is open! Program days run from 9:00am to 6:30pm with early drop off and late pick up available. Atlas programs adhere to both social and educational standards for students to build joyful relationships and gain the ultimate learning experiences while schools are not in session.

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