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Music Therapy

Meet, Juan Robles-Gil Aleman

Juan Robles-Gil Aleman Juan Robles-Gil Aleman is a board certified music therapist and is currently pursuing a Masters degree in Mental Health Counseling at Hunter College. He obtained a double bachelors degree in music therapy and music production as well as a minor in psychology from Berkeley College of Music in Boston, MA.

Juan has years of experience in the field of music therapy, having provided clinical services in a myriad of community and educational settings.

" There is something about music...
Music is a universal language. It is ancient and has been present in human interactions for thousands of years often being an essential aspect of the most important human rituals. Music has been used as a form of treatment and medicine for thousands of years.

Harnessing the power of music and its impact on neural responses, music therapists develop and implement music focused interventions that can be used to elicit change in targeted areas such as communication, socialization fine and gross motor integration, and emotional expression. "

Juan believes that the most important aspect of therapy is the development of genuine and empathic relationships. Through the use of music-centered interventions, such as songwriting and instrumental improvisation, and strength-based music instruction among many others, Juan aims to provide the students at Atlas with a nurturing and constructive therapeutic relationship that builds on their strengths, honors their preferences and provides them with individualized structures to promote their growth.

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